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"K.S.X second album release  has a guaranteed Heavy Rock guitar message. Burnin leads, infectious hooks & melodies from the start that will have you convinced, this power trio is the real deal. We were fortunate enough to catch up with the band & listen to a few new tracks at a live show in Los Angeles, as they recently brought the roof down in Santa Clarita opening up for Lynch Mob. "This band is taking no prisoners in 2021 and the new sound and attitude will back it up" Looking forward to the final production.


- New Noise Magazine -

K.S.X World on Fire Single on itunes

About Kenny Shipman:


Born in San Jose Ca just south of San Francisco. Kenny began playing guitar at the young age of 10. Growing up in a musically talented family with Father & Bay Area known R&B singer Russell R Shipman & LA Session guitarist & composer cousin Lyle Workman. Kenny had huge shoes to fill if he wanted to carry on the musical family torch. Kenny began playing to his dads Hendrix records and to only realize summer 1981 after hearing Van Halen Eruption, Kenny wanted nothing less than to be a Rock Guitar player. 

In Kenny's early teenage years he was introduced to a variety of guitar styles through older guitar playing cousins such as Larry Carlton, Al DiMeola, & Neal Schon. It was when Kenny went to his first concert to see Bay Area Legend Dave Meniketti  and  Y&T that sealed the deal of Kenny wanting to be  certified Rock Guitar player. At that moment Kenny knew there was a spot for a bluesy talented vocalist in a hard rock setting. 

At age 14 Kenny received a guitar player magazine vinyl cut out a track called Far Beyond The Sun by Yngwie Malmsteen. Kenny recalls playing the 45 on his dads record player and for the first 2 listens, Kenny thought the 45 was on the wrong speed? After realizing the tempo and blistering display of Neo Classical wizardry was in fact correct. It was a turning point in Kenny's guitar playing journey. Kenny would spend the next 3 years buying every Shrapnel Record label guitar god record release and began trying to emulate players such as Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, & Memphis guitar Wizard Shawn Lane. In his mind, if you learn from the best and try your best to implement their fretboard acrobatics into your own thing. You couldn't go wrong. 

Although accomplishing the fretboard talents of some of the 80s and 90s best players. It was hearing Mr Big first release that told Kenny its time to sing and play something with Soul, groove & song focused. To round things off, hearing Gary Moore's Blues Alive gave Kenny the confidence that a you can burn up the fretboard and combine it with soulful bluesy influenced vocals.


Kennys band K.S.X is just that! A combination of fretboard wizardry that doesn't lack soulful blues rock vocal melodies that have you hooked from the first bar. listen to the bands work with their single releases and or live performances. Guaranteed there's something for everyone from hot licks to infectious melodies. 

In closing Kennys personal words. I'm an artist and musician walking through this life journey trying to leave my mark as a guitar player singer songwriter. I hope I can inspire someone as I have been and hope that someday, I will be able to showcase my talents for the world to see.

Dedicated to my my Mom & Dad who I love so much, Though you have left this earth, you will never leave my heart. To my wife and children, I love you more than words can express. 

 "Never Forget To Boogie"....   Till we meet again Dad...Kenny Shipman

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Kenny Shipman Guitarist & vocalist of K.S.X
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