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"K.S.X second album release  has a guaranteed Heavy Rock guitar message. Burnin leads, infectious hooks & melodies from the start that will have you convinced, this power trio is the real deal. We were fortunate enough to catch up with the band & listen to a few new tracks at a live show in Los Angeles, as they recently brought the roof down in Santa Clarita opening up for Lynch Mob. "This band is taking no prisoners in 2021 and the new sound and attitude will back it up" Looking forward to the final production.


- New Noise Magazine -

K.S.X World on Fire Single on itunes

About The Band:


In 1990 Kenny Shipman & Bass Player Ron Ragone were both members of the Neo Classical band SAHARA. Shipman & Ragone grew up together in the S.F Bay Area and had dreamed of one day selling out large arena venues while releasing some of the most riff focused Melodic Rock music the Bay Area had to offer. The Bay Area was a hot bed of shred both Kenny & Ron described. You not only had to have kick ass song writing skills to be accepted in the scene. You also had to have Shrapnel Records ready fretboard chops just to be respected by all the heavy hitters that were part of the Bay Area circuit. Though the band never hit the big time, both Shipman & Ragone would never lose their child hood bond and always kept the dream alive. 

In 2017 both Shipman & Ragone decided to take another chance at making this crazy thing called music work. Shipman having recorded the EP of Say What You Wanna Say just months earlier decided that playing this music live would be best fit with an old friend by his side. The two interviewd several drummers until they found Brazilian professional Lufe Batera. Lufe having an extensive background in Prog Rock, the two felt it would round out the sound of the Power Rock Trio. Moving forward they recorded the official video of Say What You Wanna Say in 2018 and have been the hand picked opening act for bands such as Vince Neil, Lynch Mob, Dokken, Geoff Tate, Y&T and Ratt to name a few. Its only fitting that the showcase gigs kept coming in for them as this power trio truly kicks your ass when seeing them live. For the listener that seeks a heavy rock sound with bluesy overtones and a taste of shred guitar & bass licks to tie it all together. This is the band to see.  


2021 will be the breakout year the trio has been longing for. The band is planning on releasing a second album with new material that will have you hooked from the first note. The writing, musicianship, and grooves are seasoned beyond measure and could only come from a talented line up such as this. Their hope is to create a vibe that the masses can enjoy and yet the players can respect. So there it is, a look into whats happening and some insight on the new material. So the table is set! Stay tuned for all updates right here.


 "Never Forget To Boogie".... RIP Russell  R Shipman, you are my true Inspiration & Hero. You will forever be in my heart.....  Till we meet again Dad...Kenny Shipman

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Kenny Shipman Guitarist & vocalist of K.S.X
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