Say What You Wanna Say

Kenny Shipman is the complete musicians musician. Gifted with guitar talent beyond his years, his playing style shows many influences of Rock, Fusion, Blues and a mix of early 90's era Shred.  Kenny has connected in a way that seems so effortless when watching him play live and or listening to his studio recordings. A true throwback style musician.

This release is a perfect example of an artist being at one with the music and allowing the story of the song to drive the style of the album. With overtones of Blues, Rock, and Guitar Solo Mastery, this is aimed at all levels of listeners. Produced by Lyle Workman, you can feel the level of perfection in every track.

So, if you’re a listener that desires to hear a Rock vibe mixed with Soulful overtones and guitar licks that measure up to some of today's Stratocaster greats, Kenny will definitely deliver it to you.

The debut release of “Say What You Wanna Say" is availble for download right here, also on itunes and other online digital stores. A must have for any Heavy Blues Rock listener that requires blistering guitar solos and classic rock melodies.... Download Today!!!


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