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Kenny Is A Proud Endorser & Or User Of The Following Products

DiMarzio Pickups (Endorsed Artist/HS2,HS4,Heavy Blues 2, Area 61, & 54 Pro)

Blankenship Amps (Endorsed Artist/50 Watt Master Plex & 22 Watt Carry On)

Fender guitars (Product User/69 & 70 Custom Shop Strat's)

Ernie Ball Strings  (Product User/Nickle Wound Slinky 10's & 9's)

Marshall Amplification (Product User/1960AX & 1960A Cabinets)

Xotic California  (Product User/BB Pre Amp, RC Booster, EP Booster, & SP Comp)

Wampler Pedals  (Product User/PLexi Drive, Faux Spring Reverb & Faux Tape Echo)

Kenny Shipman DiMarzio Endorsee Player

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